PRIMA-POLYMER is a vendor of equipment for polymeric materials production in Russian Federation. Our specialists have over 15 years of experience within this area. 

The competence, skills and experience allow PRIMA-POLYMER to provide high level of service and interesting, elegant engineering solutions. 

PRIMA-POLYMER is not simply selling the equipment; we can research and suggest an optimal solution for the tasks according to their priorities. 

  • We pick suitable equipment, technology and, should you require, a trusted commercial offer from other vendors. 
  • We provide technical and information support for our products. 
  • We offer support both during the warranty period and upon its expiration. 

In carrying out varied and complicated projects we need to combine the efforts of many companies, that are more successful in other areas of expertise. 

PRIMA-POLYMER is not considering the other companies as competitors – we cooperate by taking advantage of each other’s logistical capabilities and project-specific details, which is, as a matter of fact, one of the success points of PRIMA-POLYMER. 

PRIMA-POLYMER is always open for business with other equipment vendors. Call us or drop us a message.